Best Watch Strap for Green Dial Panerai pam507

panerai pam507 leather strap by rovers strap

A green dial on Panerai pam507 and bronze case is what makes this watch so unique. Pick the right kind of watch strap to extend its character. For most people, the leather strap is a perfect choice. Here are some of my previous custom works that I think the best combination of watch strap for Panerai pam507.

Just look at that combination! green dial with a green leather strap. Vintage style on the leather extends the character of a bronze.

Another strap that I think best for Panerai Bronzo is vintage cracked leather strap. Look at the image below and tell me what you think.

We accept custom watch strap for Panerai with a wide range of leather options. Check out my collection at my shop. Or chat me on FB or Instagram

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