Our Goal on Making High-Quality Watch Strap

We’re striving to build good quality products that meet your requirements and has a good quality beyond your expectations.

I’m a local artisan from Indonesia, making watch straps for everyone worldwide. So, we ship internationally. Wherever you are, we can deliver.

Our products are cut and stitched by hand. We make sure that every strap we make meet our quality standard. Every defect on the straps will not be delivered to you. We will make another one that passes our quality standard.

me, stitching the strap

We do hope dan you enjoy and feel happy to wear it on your wrist. Your feedback to us is very welcome. Leave a comment, drop a review, and chat us on Whatsapp or DM for any inquiries and comments to our products.

let’s make a good strap, together

If you can’t find the model you want, you can always talk to us and we’ll make a custom one for you. We’re happy to talk. My goal is to be your personal strap maker. Let’s design and make the strap together.


Your Personal Strap Maker

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